Seminar Dates

(Two Day Seminars)

Fundamental Class:

October 18-19

February 23-24, 2019

250 East Deer Street, Kountze, Texas 77625.

Advanced Class:

4 day Seminar:

(Saturday-Tuesday )

250 East Deer Street

Kountze, TX



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Petroleum Landman ADVANCED COURSE Training Seminar Curriculum: ADVANCED CLASS I: Advanced Landman Knowledge and Skills: Pooling and Unitization in Texas, Concepts of Held By Production (HBP); Probate; Calculating Division of Interest: Perspectives of Title Curative including Limitation Title, Adverse Possession: Curative Affidavits and other Correction Documents, And Stipulations and Title Litigation ADVANCED CLASS II: Advanced Landman Knowledge and Skills: Advanced Title Chaining Lecture and Workshop, Conveyancing, Working With Property Descriptions: Software used as a Land Professional: MS Word, Excel, Access, Deed Plotter, Terrain Navigator Pro. Next Class: 4-Day Seminar starting Saturday, October 19 through Tuesday, October 22 250 East Deer Street Kountze, TX Curriculum: DAY 1: Title Chaining and Runsheet Workshop, Includes: Analyzing Conveyances, Critical Title Issues, Probate, and exercises DAY 2: Pooling, HBP, Division of Interest Includes: Texas Pooling and Unitization, Held By Production (HBP) Concepts and Exercises; Calculating Divisions of Interest: Concepts and Exercises DAY 3: Title Defects and Curative Includes: Texas Title Examination Standards, Title by Limitation and Adverse Possession, Curative Affidavits, Stipulations, Corrective Documents w/ forms and Title Litigation DAY 4: Software Tools for Property Descriptions and Reporting Workshop Includes: Working with Property Descriptions: Preparing Mineral Ownership Reports, Software used as a Land Professional: Deed Plotter, Terrain Navigator Pro, Excel, Access

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