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October 18-19

February 23-24, 2019

250 East Deer Street, Kountze, Texas 77625.

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(Saturday-Tuesday )

250 East Deer Street

Kountze, TX



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About Mapping Think you know your way around a map? This page will talk about the importance to landmen of the maps and plats that are a part of every task we undertake on the job. The maps you are probably used to seeing are maps you might have used before to find your way from Point A to Point B. These maps are rarely of use to the landman, except to find directions to the landowners residence. Now let’s look at the landman’s most valuable tool: Maps The first map we’ll discuss is called a Tobin Map and they are the standard used by landmen. A good landman knows where to find the most recent Tobin Map available, and also the value of an old Tobin Map, which gives the landman a snapshot of land ownership at different periods of time in the past. Also useful will be maps made by other mapping companies, although less often than Tobins, and maps made by the landman as a hand-plot. Also used are plats made by Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) programs. If you enjoy maps, you’re going to love being a landman. Example of Tobin Map

(Thanks to P2 Energy Solutions and Tobin for permission to use a portion of a Tobin map in our website.)


Map made by the landman as a hand-plot